Every year the museum runs a series of exhibitions. Each of these exhibitions, which are hosted in the museum for a month or more, take hours of preparation and at the end of the exhibtion they are dismantled and in many cases, the hours of painstaking research and work associated in putting together the panels for display, lost. These exhibitions and more are now available online:

 Emsworth Historic Properties: Highlights from an Archive

Pycrofts Brickyard



There could be other past exhibitions that could be digitised and hosted on the museum website. Digital (or virtual) exhibitions are very similar to  physical exhibitions but with some small but significant differences. Just like the exhibitions hosted in the museum a digital version has panels of photographs and text that you walk (or click) your way around. The difference is that the digital version requires all the photos and other images to be added to the museum's collection before it can be included in the exhibition and of course physical exhibits could only be represented with photos.