Why did the World go to War?

Life in Emsworth and Britain 1914 -1919

The clearly presented and well documented exhibition, recently on display in Emsworth Maritime Museum, gave insight to the courage and sacrifice of many Emsworth people who either fought in the war or tried to carry on a normal life in the locality. One section of the display, Battles, named local men lost at sea, how Christmas was spent in the trenches, details of important land battles such as Armentieres and the sinking of the Lusitania.
  There was a nostalgic display of significant WW1 songs such as Pack up your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag, alongside details of the war in the Middle East and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. In the Battle of Jutland the HMS Queen Mary and HMS Invincible were both sunk by enemy forces, with some Emsworth men losing their lives in these battles. There were also local casualties at the Somme with its trench warfare.19I4-18 was also a difficult time for those at home with food rationing - who can forget the importance of ration books? Ironically there were some improvements in medical procedures in the war years including the treatment of wounds using antiseptics, X-rays and blood transfusions.
  One section of the exhibition covered the role of women in WW1, how they worked on the land, had specific uniforms and even drove heavy vehicles. Some of the casualty statistics given in the display were daunting, such as the number who died in the army during the war - 956,703. There were beds for wounded soldiers in the Emsworth Memorial Hospital though people paid for treatment as there was no NHS. The exhibition concluded with details of life after the war. Despite all the sacrifice and suffering of not only the soldiers but those remaining at home, life was still very hard with high levels of unemployment, national debt that contributed to the recession and the difficulties for the two million disabled WW1 veterans.

 Sue Young

We invite you to view a short video presentation, produced by John Tweddell Click on the link https://youtu.be/l2GUR3YaBzo